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In 5 years, Jaden Piper has managed to become a recognisable figure in the Dance music industry. He has already played gigs in Mykonos (Greece), Cape Town (South Africa), and parts of the United Kingdom. He appears to be in no hurry of slowing down, having already released an album and an EP, Retroactive, as well as a couple of singles. He is keeping up with the fast-pace and high demand of the industry. With over one million streams across all platforms, Jaden has amassed a small, but loyal fan base that he aims to grow as his career progresses. Jaden's music has evolved significantly over the last few years, from crafting Progressive House anthems in his first Album (Late Nights) to his newfound passion of Afro House. Jaden is now on a journey to share his love for Afro House with the world

Jaden Piper DJ'ing at a festival
Album Cover
Junior Rush & Jaden Piper - Beautiful (Official Visualizer)

Junior Rush & Jaden Piper - Beautiful (Official Visualizer)

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