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Artist Info

Jaden Piper is a 20 year old aspiring South African Producer/DJ, whose passion for music sprouted at a very young age. He started putting beats together on garage band from the age of 10 and began producing on Logic Pro from the age of 14. With nearly 400 thousand streams on Spotify alone Jaden has accumulated a small fan base. Jaden began DJ"ing from the age of 15 , and has now acquired the talent to perform in front of large crowds. He has recently begun his international career moving to London, and has performed in parts of the UK, South Africa, and Mykonos Greece. He is actively working on new songs every day, hoping to release content for his fanbase which he hopes to drastically increase as his career lifts off. He is a passionate performer, who loves to mix genres together, create unique sounds, and most importantly , someone who wishes to unite people of all backgrounds through his music.

Jaden Piper DJ'ing at a festival
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